Parking Management Services in Bay Area

Unipark, LLC, is all about service. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers and patrons. There are many parking firms in the Bay area, providing parking management services. Unipark, LLC realizes this fact, and our goal is in addition to what every other company is doing. We provide something elementary, and yet no other company is offering, SERVICE. Call us, and we will explain what service means to us.

Our List of Services

  • Valet service for special event functions

  • Vehicle storage

Safe & Secure Parking

From its inception, Unipark, LLC, recognized the unique parking requirements of private and special events. Whether these take corporate functions such as open houses or holiday parties or more private occasions such as weddings, funerals, or bar mitzvahs, parking is critical to their success.

Many of these functions are held at hotels, restaurants, or country clubs, but more and more, our clients are entertaining at private homes. When 60 to 100 cars descend on a residential neighborhood, valet parking provides the comfort and security your guests deserve while minimizing the inconvenience to neighbors.

Whether you are working with a party planner or caterer or organizing the event on your own, planning to reserve valet parking is as important as choosing your event's time and place.

Unipark LLC

Valet Parking

Scheduling attendants, acquiring special permits, and determining the need for shuttle and off-site parking are only part of the services we provide. Advance meetings with our Special Events Coordinators can also help you choose the right location and vendors to make your event an unqualified success.

We have a long history of handling the valet parking for premieres, trade shows, and sporting events, as well as the requirements of high profile events such as televised award shows. Whether you need three attendants or one hundred, our Special Events Department stands ready to fulfill your transportation and parking.